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Course schedule last updated December 28, 2019  

This page is about my 3 session "Basic Photography" full course taken in 1 day. If you came directly here and want to see my other courses and course options, click here.

"Basic Photography" Full Course Details:
My "Basic Photography" one day course consists of 3 sessions. Each one is about an hour, with question and answer periods before and after. This one day course does not include assignments or an exam, and you do not get a certificate. You won't remember everything, but you take the material home with you so you can go over it again later.

What you learn in this course applies whether you shoot with a digital camera, a film camera, or a cell phone.

Sign up for yourself or for a friend.
Nice birthday gift idea for a friend who likes taking pictures.
You get a gift certificate to give them for their own private classes on a schedule they choose.


Before taking this course, you should understand the basics of how cameras work. This was lessons 1 and 2 in my original course, but I decided to remove it from the course and give it to you to study on your own. That way the course itself will be getting right into what you want to learn. You can find that material on the photo basics page. I can also give you a printed version if you are signing up for my course.

The one day regular course consists of these 3 sessions:

Session 1

  • Lesson 1 - Photography Basics
    • Lighting - natural, artificial, and flash
    • Exposure - metering, shutter speeds, apertures, and film speeds
  • Lesson 2 - Taking Pictures
    • How lighting and exposure determine the end result
    • Common problems (red-eye, blurry, light or dark) - causes and cures

Session 2

  • Lesson 3 - Making Pictures
    • Being creative with your lighting and exposure options
    • Learn to see what your camera sees
    • Framing, composition, background, enhancements & distractions

Session 3

  • Lesson 4 - Introduction to Photography Specialties
    • Portrait Photography
    • Nature Photography
    • Still Photography
    • Close-up Photography

Course Prices:
The prices here are for the full course, including materials.

Group sessions at my place - $30 (see schedule below)
Private sessions at my place - $45
Private sessions at your place in the Brockville to Smiths Falls area - $60

If more than 1 person takes the course at the same time, you and a friend, parent/child, etc, each person gets 20% off.*
*Class sizes at my place are limited to a maximum of 3 people at a time, so you can have 2 others take the course with you. Class sizes at your place are up to you.

For this low price you can learn how to take better pictures, and understand exactly what you are doing when you take them, and even understand what went wrong.
With both options, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Get a full refund after the first lesson if you choose not to continue.

nice gift idea for a friend who likes taking pictures

If you have time, I recommend taking the full course in 3 weekly sessions. For that, go to my full course page.

Course Schedule:
This course is done in just 1 session of approximately 4 hours. For private sessions, at your place or mine, days and times are up to you. Just let me know when you want to take the course. The course can be taught at your place anywhere within Brockville to Smiths Falls area, or at my place near Athens.

Group sessions at my place are currently scheduled for these days:
no current group schedule
Schedule coming soon.

If your child likes taking pictures and wants to learn the basics of photography, sign him or her up for the simplified course.
A parent is allowed to stay with the child at no charge, or you can take the course too and you would both get the 20% discount.

For more information about the course, to sign up, or to just ask questions, use the form here.

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